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Travel Abroad!
June 2010-Italy:
This summer fifteen North Scott students have been chosen to take a study tour of Italy.  The group will be visiting Milan, Venice, Assisi, Florence, and Rome.  They will be exploring such historical sites as the Colosseum, St. Peter's Basilica, and Doge's Palace.  A glass-blowing demonstration and pizza-making seminar are just a couple exciting activities in which they will partake.  Stay tuned for pictures from the trip!
Dream of spending your summers doing something more exciting than re-lacing your tennis shoes?  Want to explore ancient Roman ruins, dine on local cuisine, meet interesting new people?  Then foreign travel is the option for you!  Every summer North Scott High School has a foreign travel option open to its students.  Check out the information below to see more information about foreign travel options at your high school.
June 2011-Spain:
This exciting trip includes visits to multiple cities, including Madrid, the capital of Spain, and a home stay!  See Mrs. Perez for information!
June 2012-Central Europe:
We will visit multiple countries on this 10-day European vacation.  Our trip will begin in Berlin, Germany where we will see remains of the Berlin Wall, Brandenburg Gate, and the Reichstag.  Next we travel by train to Warsaw, Poland to visit the Warsaw Ghetto and Jewish Cemetery.  Our next stop is Krakow, where we will have guided tours of the concentration camps Auschwitz and Birkenau.  Our ten-day journey ends with a trip to Prague, Czech Republic, where we'll visit various cathedrals and synagogues, as well as the Golden Lane.  For those interested in a three day extension, we'll head to Munich, Germany where we'll take a guided tour of Nuremberg and the Eagle's Nest.